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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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people lining up to buy gas tonight. many say before the prices get even higher. good evening, everyone. the price for a gallon of gas shot up as much as a quarter in just the past week. the latest hike starting just as the libyan protest got underway. nationwide the average price for a gallon of unleaded is $3.35 according to triple-a. abc7's laura anthony is live in san francisco where, lor -- laura, the prices are higher. >> that's right. we are starting to see prices over $4 for premium grade in san francisco. now, you would have to alaska or hawaii to find gas prices higher than we have in california where the average price as of today is $3.74 and climbing.
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as tensions rise in the middle east, so do gas prices in the bay area. according to triple-a, the ganch price per gallon of regular unleaded is $3.80. in oakland, $3.75. same in san jose. it is a trend that is making some drivers anxious. >> i just bought a house, so i am ready to take out another loan just to pay for gas. it is getting ridiculous. >> and these high prices could be just the beginning depending what happens overseas. >> prices are largely driven by investors, and how they are purchasing oil. because there are potential impacts to supply in the middle east, that is an indicator that there may be some kind of shortage so they want to get ahead of that and anticipate there may be more demand than supply and that is driving up the price. >> some are skeptical that gas prices could go up so quickly
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based on what's happening in libya. >> do you believe that? >> not at all. >> why not? >> they manipulate the prices whatever -- all the time. >> it prompted long lines at this costco in san leandro where regular unleaded was selling for $3.61 per gallon. ronald is filling up his jeep today, but if gas goes higher he will explore alternatives. >> they say it will go over $4. >> so i will use my bike a little more. >> as expensive as gas prices look now in san francisco, they are still well off the record high set in late june 2008. that's when the average price of unleaded regular here in san francisco hit $4.62. in san francisco, laura anthony, abc7 us into. >> thank you, laura. be all know how -- we all
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know how cold it was in the bay area, and now imagine spending it on the rocky cliffs of san francisco's coast. that's what one man did after being trapped near the legion of honor. cecilia vega explains why he is lucky to be alive tonight. >> they are just about the last place anyone would want to end up for the night, especially last night. this is exactly where one man spent more than 12 hours welling for help after he fell and couldn't get back up the hillside. >> he said he wanted to get down to shore and enjoy the evening. >> he managed to climb to the top of a rock, and that's where he was stuck until dave robinson happened to jog by before 8:00 this morning. >> didn't have my ear buds in. i yelled and heard help, help. >> he barrowed a jogger's phone and called for help. >> the hardest part about this rescue for firefighters wasn't getting down the rocky cliffs or pulling this man to safety.
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it was simply finding him. >> he seemed confused by the situation. he said thanks for showing up. i need help. i can't walk. my ankle feels broken. >> he scaled a 300 foot cliff to find the man. crews strapped him in a harness and got him out with a broken ankle and hypothermia. >> he is fortunate he survived the night. they made the call. >> a call that turned this long night into a happy ending. in san francisco, cecilia vega, abc7 news. >> in less than six hours cal trans will install the suspension tower. lilian kim is live and it it brings it 45 feet short of its final height? >> that's right, alan. >> it is what will be an around the clock operation. cal trans animation shows how
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the work will be done once the section is in place and the tower will be 480 feet tall or 90% of the height. it will surpass the original height. cal trans and the chp is concerned all of the activity beginning tomorrow morning will become a distraction for drivers. 288,000 vehicles are on the bridge every day, and they want people to be cautious. >> we want to try to encourage drivers to keep their eyes on the road and maintain a safe cushion between the vehicles in front of them. and avoid the construction as they complete the tower. >> and this is what it is ultimately going to look like. the eastern span will be the world's largest self-anchored suspension bridge, and there are two more to go. the work is scheduled to be completed in 2013. the party continues in
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hollywood following the 83rd yill academy uh -- annual academy awards. natalie portman took home the best actress award for her role as a tormented ballerina in "black swan." the big winner was "the king's speech" taking four awards including best actor for colin firth and best peck tour as well as best -- best picture as well as best director. hundreds watched at the academy of friends gala at the san francisco design center. and don sanchez has more. >> 1600 people were here to celebrate. there was os scar -- oscar and oscar and oscar. our version of the red carpet. >> it is an incredibly glamorous night in san francisco, wouldn't you agree? >> they call the event voyeur, a look at the oscar shows and each other. there is all the glamour.
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while most of the films were a bit serious. >> the economy is so low. >> obviously you made up for it. >> it was an award show who saw the front runners become the 1ers. those wins are big favorites here. >> i love the film and he was wonderful. it is such a beautiful film. >> when natalie portman won best actress she was a clear favorite. >> that is great. >> when melissa leo took the supporting actress for the fighter, there were cheers. no one heard her sensored speech. >> i think it was an amazing character. i'm glad she won. >> it was a good night for the local guys. and pixar won best animated
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film for "toy story 3" and maybe there is encouraging news. films are shooting in san francisco again. it is good for the economy. >> we have so many good trade jobs working behind the scene. >> among the fun there is serious business. >> we raised $8.5 million for the community. >> the academy of friends, glad to see my picks made. it wish i was that good with the stock market. talk about the actors has gone up. interesting thing is this was a new high-tech concept. they are appealing to a younger crowd. don't know if they made it or not. when people like debbie crystal came out there was a lot of applause, and based on the voting, maybe the academy is still about nostalgia. don sanchez, abc7 news. >> thanks, don.
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congratulations to the folks at pixar. by the way, oscar was the number one trending topic on twitter. you can see how many people were dweeting about the uh -- tweeting about the show throughout the night. this is what we found when searching for hash tag oscars. coming up, if he will ever leave libya. >> and clepto the cat has been a letterman and leno? but will his new found fame end his crime? what a home once worth $800,000 sold for at auction today. >> and i'm leigh glaser. we actually warmed up a little bit this afternoon. we also had some sunshine and we have seen some clouds out there. rain is being reported. we'll check in on that and talk about our rape chchchchchch
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to anti-government rebels are bracing for an attack by moammar qaddafi loyalists. they offered assistance to libyans looking to overthrow the leader from power. secretary of state hillary clinton continued to pressure qaddafi to call off mercinaries. qaddafi's son denied the libyan regime is using force against its own people. >> show me a coping gel attack. show me a single casualty. the libyan air force destroyed the militia sites.
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that's. it. >> human rights grups are putting the civilian death toll in the hundreds. also today political leaders met to discuss how they could form an alternative government. in the bay area 64 closed homes went up for auction at dramatically lower prices. it is the second time the real estate company auction .com has come to the bay area. in january, it sold more than $19 million worth of new bank-owned president pro. a san ramon home previously at $830,000 sold for just $219,000. in concord, a home valued at $510,000 had a starting bid of only $59,000. gmail users are complaining their old e-mail messages are disappearing. google says the problem is only affecting a small number of users and does not appear to be widespread. the company posted a notice on
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the app status dashboard saying they are aware of the issue and they are investigating the problem. it seems the world cannot get enough of a real cat burglar on the peninsula. we told you about the prolific thief several weeks ago. since then he has become even more notorious. vic lee returned to his hideaway to see if the cat burglar's new found fame has changed his ways. >> remember dusty? the cat neighbors call clepto. this house cat has become a household name. >> two weeks ago dusty was our cat. now we are dusty's people. >> dusty and his owners have become celebrities in their san mateo neighborhood. >> hi, super stars. >> it all happened after we featured this prolific cat burglar in our story two weeks ago. his owners figure dusty has
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stolen about 600 items in three years. he leaves at night and returns home with his loot in the morning. a camera installed captured the nightly heist for a week. his record, 11 different items in one night, and he is not choosey about what he steals from neighbors, gloves, shoes, children's toys and even people's personal items. >> residents are complaining about a cat. >> reporter: jay even had some fun with dusty. >> it is luke he is shopping at costco. >> reporter: david letterman flew dusty and his family to new york to appear on his show this week. in fact, dusty has been on radio and tv all-around the world. >> the farthest was a radio station in australia. sydney. >> reporter: and they talked about the internet. dusty has had more than two million hits. this story has gone absolutely farrell.
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neighbors with missing belongings now know where to go. six-year-old sean summers can't count how many swimming trunks he has lost over the years. >> it was pretty much in my past. >> sean saw his bathing suits in the stories we aired. >> do these look familiar? >> today we got them back, but there are still other things missing from the summer home. >> i am missing a chair, so maybe. you never know. >> dusty's owners have installed a burglar alarm to warn neighbors of any new thefts. they put a bell on dusty's collar. that's good news for neighbors like kelly who had her bikini stolen. >> you can hear him in your house. you will hear a bell ringing and you know he is in your backyard or just left your backyard with something. the bell seems to be working. dusty's owners found this.
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>> it is not our glove. >> he is back at it. >> with all of the new perks he brought to his household maybe, just maybe crime does pay. vic lee, abc7 news. >> we hope dusty gets some help. speaking of, after making controversial comments that stopped production on his sitcom, actor charlie sheen is telling his side of the story. >> there are rocks to be rightened and there are stories to tell. people need to hear my side of it. >> production was halted after the actor criticized the show's executive producer. the interview appears tomorrow on good morning america and on abc's 2020 magazine show tuesday at 10:00p.m. let's talk to leigh glaser now. we have rain on the way. >> we do. we warmed up as much as 10 degrees around the bay area and this next round of showers is going to be a little milder than what we had to deal with
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the past several days. be prepared for that. you are looking at our high definition camera you are seeing clear skies and in the north bay already seeing a few clouds out there. it is going to be the clouds tonight that will actually keep us a lot warmer than the past several mornings as the temperatures in the 20s in the north bay. 47 in san francisco and 39 fairfield. mountain view as well 43, 45 in san jose and 40 right now in livermore. not as cold tonight. we are still going to be near the freezing mark in the north bay. a lot of that is simply because the clouds are moving in and you have to insulate us. we will look for increasing clouds throughout the day for monday and a chance of a few showers near the golden gate bridge tomorrow. look for a heavier rain to move in tuesday night and
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wednesday. the forecast model bringing a little rain. cloverdale 34. 33 for santa rosa. 42 for oakland and mid30s toward antioch. 39 and 38 for san jose. here is a look at the satellite-radar composite, and you can already see some of the clouds associated with this weak cold front starting to drift to the north bay. it looks like the tail end of this front is really going to stay north of the bay area. that's why we are looking at the bridge. live doppler 7hd is picking up bands of showers along the north coast in association with the system. as we put our forecast animation into play, beginning at 11:00 they pinpointed it with the rain. you notice overnight the clouds move in. it stays in the north bay even
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into 11:00 tomorrow morning. everything stays north. that's where the clouds will be south of the golden gate bridge you will see sun and clouds tomorrow afternoon. once we get through this system, remember most of the moisture to the north behind this as we head into tuesday this system is what was going to bring us rain. wind tuesday night and wednesday. keep that in mind if you are trying to make those plans. here is a look at our highs for monday. 60 for campbell. 59 for san jose. mixture of sun and clouds at the coast. 54 for half moon bay. san francisco tomorrow sun and clouds, 55. but as you head toward the north bay, that will be the best chance of seeing showers. santa rosa 56. 56 for napa. 58 for oakland. interior east bay will look for sun and clouds mixed. 58 for concord and 58 for watsonville. the seven-day forecast, a slight break on tuesday. look for showers to return on tuesday night.
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rain heavy at times on wednesday. showers on thursday and then a break. temperatures warm up also next friday and saturday. >> thanks, leigh. larry beil is here because shu is hosting his own oscar party tonight. >> as he does every year. in case people were wondering, shu was going with versace, but the custom mary adidas black sweats. monta ellis, usually money when the game is on the line. the warriors open up a roaoaoaoa
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good evening. the warriors started a road trip. they pretty much needed to win all seven games to keep any playoff talk alive. he came into the game with 45 straight double, doubles. the steel and he can roll it. 41 points first quarter. they played well in the second quarter. he is showing up and showing up angry. warriors are up eight. did he dominate over powering anybody. warriors still had 73-69 at the half. a disaster. he had 37 points and 23
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rebounds. t-waffles up three. -- t-wolves out score them. they go up by 15. warriors rally in the fourth. curry pulling up a three with his 33. monta ellis slams it. the warriors are within one. 10 seconds left. everybody in the house knows it will be monty. rejected by johnson. no foul call. the warriors drop their third straight since the allstar break 126-123. the a's played their first spring training game. they are optimistic they added some offense. cahill got the start. soriano rips one and a double scores a pair. cahill lasted a third of an inning. allowed four runs on five hits. it can only get better from there. the a's answer for first.
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high, deep and aloha means the grand slam. and tieing the game at four. into the swing of things. and it is 6-4 the a's. with seven runs wracking up ices is teen hits. in scottsdale the giants suffer their first loss to the d-backs. two score less innings. when we come back. -- when we come back, it is a compmpmpmpmpmpmpmpmpmpmpmpmpmp >> all new oprah: the day after hollywood's biggest night we're taking over oscar's stage! ((oprah)) hooray for hollywood! it's our ultimate after oscar party from the kodak theatre in los angeles!
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he will be the number one player in the rankings, but he was not the best at the championship. golfers woke up to snow this morning at the ritz-carlton golf club in tucson. a winter wonderland. the snow melted and donald did not. drains the birdie putt to go one up.
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to the 11th and match tied and he needed the short birdie putt to half the hole and he missed it. par five and 15th. it is his third shot and nearly chips it in. he wins the hole with a birdie to go. he concedes after the first putt and wins the match 3 and 2. he left cal after his junior season to go pro. he improved his stock in the draft. we will start with the king of all combine drills. it is pure speed. it was eight best among running backs. he benched 225 pounds 200 times. strictly a full back in the pros. sporting the new buzz cut. no more golden lock locks. all eyes on cam newton.
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it did not go well for cam newton. completed 11 of 21 passes. timing esh yous with unfamiliar -- timing issues with unfamiliar wide receivers. jeff gordon ends his 66th win less streak. back in victory lane for the first time since 2009. >> thank you very much, leigh. that concludes another broadcast of abc news. a special oscar edition of "jimmy kimmle
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